Hello ︎

My name is Star Feliz (they/them). I began this work as a way to both heal my greatest wound and honor what makes my heart sing — my relationship to the earth.

As I began to share my work with others I realized that this medicine was for all of us too! Those of us who are mending our disconnection to earth, often far from our native lands, and remembering how (and sometimes fighting) to be in right relationship amidst the most destructive culture in human history because our healing is always bound together. The earth will not be free from destruction until the human world is free from oppression.

Cimarrón Earth is the namesake for the healing center on protected land that I hope to welcome you to in the future. In the meantime, this online portal will be a home for my ways of moving in the world.

And that’s my dream. Sometimes dreams come true.


Cimarrón is the Spanish word for maroons, meaning escaped slaves. My ancestors in Dominican Republic were enslaved Africans and Tainos who escaped into the Bahoruco mountains to establish their own sovereign communities. My existence is indebted to their bravery, vision, solidarity, and their wisdoms intimately tied with the sacred lands of Ayiti. From them I continue to learn that love when in action is revolutionary. So together, we’ll continue working to reconcile humanity’s relationship to the earth and the broader cosmos. 

Photograph by Self Portrait Service



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